Wankan Pipeline & Utility Construction

SM Energy, Carrizo Springs TX.

20" HDPE Frac Water Line

There were over 50 Directional Drills on this project, and over 28 miles of mainline. All of these drills were in rocky soil conditions, and the jobsite was over 30 miles from a paved road. Bores ranged in size from 200' in length up to 1500'.

Enterprise Pipeline

20" .500 wall Steel, Stanley Transmission, Stanley LA.   

There were three major Directional Drills associated with this project. All three were canyon bores, where it was more cost effective to install the pipeline via HDD versus open cut. Bores on this project were 1625', 1750', and 1800'. 

Devon Energy

16", 12", 4" Steel,  Woodford Shale Gathering System

Stillwater Ok.

We have numerous HDD installations we have done for Devon in this area. Bores have been 16" down to 4". Length of these drills have ranged from short road crossings up to 1500'. 

Centerpoint Energy

Haynesville Shale Gathering System 8" & 10" Steel

Coushatta LA.

The majority of these lines installed were 8" and 10". Bores varied in length up to 2500'.

U.S. Infrastructure

Sabine Wildcat  10" Zwolle LA.

There were 35 HDD drills on this project, with the longest drill being 3100'.

Hiland Crude

Bakken Shale Gathering System

Tioga ND.

While working for Hiland, we installed several miles of pipe via the HDD method. Pipe ranged from 4" to 12", with bores up to 2500' in length.

Lucid Energy

Barnett Shale Gathering System

San Angelo TX.

Wankan installed 12" Steel casing on this project with bores up to 600' The ground conditions were solid rock.

Treadstone Energy Partners LLP

Fort Trinidad Field

Midway TX.

Treadstone is a leading natural gas and oil producer in East Texas. We provide Treadstone's HDD services. Pipe size ranges from 16" to 4", with various lengths.

Sand Ridge Energy

Dodge City KS.

While working for Sand Ridge Energy, we installed numerous HDD's for their large gathering system. From Dodge City KS. south to Woodward OK., Wankan installed over 25,000' of HDDs.



Enlink Hopadillo Project

30" Pipeline - Kingfisher OK

Multiple HDD crossings up to 700'

Enlink Chisholm to Coop Pipeline Project

24" Pipeline - Okarche OK

Wankan completed two HDD crossings 700' and 900' on this project

Kingfisher Midstream - Cimarron River Crossing

12" and 10" Bundle Drill - Kingfisher OK

Wankan Pipeline installed a 12" and 10" bundle under the Cimarron River with a length of 1,850'

PennTex Midstream Partners

Dual 24" and 8", Bonnie & Clyde Pipeline - Ruston, LA.

There were 24 HDD Crossings on this project, with long HDDs being 1,250',1,500',1,800', and 2,000'

Energy Transfer - 12" Crowley Lateral

12" Pipeline - Crowley LA.

4005' of 12" installed in one pull under a rice field


Plains All American Pipeline

Dual 16" Cowboy Pipeline - Cheyenne, WY.

The Cowboy Pipeline was a dual 16" steel installation, both being crude transportation lines to a new tank farm. Along with the 1100' dual wetland bores, there was also a dual drill under I-80 at 800'. 

NorthStar Energy

12" Directional Bore Under SH45 - Nashville, TN.

Wankan Pipeline successfully installed 250' of 12" steel under Old Hickory Blvd. (SH45), in Nashville TN. The ground conditions were solid rock with a psi rating of 65,000lbs.  

Jones Contractors Inc.

Tesoro Energy, Petro Hunt Gathering System - Killdeer, ND.

We have made numerous bores on this project, ranging from 4" to 12", with lengths up to 1500'.